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Apte And Apte Organic Coatings Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1988. Now in its 24 th year ,the company has a strong presence in the Industrial Paints and Coatings Industry in India. With a customer base across the length and breadth of the Indian sub- continent, the company is looking forward to supplying newer and varied products as per the specific requirements of its customers.

Our Products are used in a wide range of industries right from automotive and home appliances to artificial jewelry and decorative products. Our Industrial Paints and Coatings serve to beautify and protect the end products of our customers. For instance, a metal fan would rust in no time without a layer of protective paint. Or, artificial jewelry would get dull without the right coatings. The aesthetic value and life of a product gets enhanced with the right coatings. Customers feel that the value addition after using our quality products is immense.

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End Users

We also develop tailor-made paints / coatings as per the requirement of the customer. Automotive Industry Home Appliances industry Electrical Switches Architects, Interior Designer, Construction Industry Jewelry. Decorative Products Garment manufacturing (coatings on buckles, buttons)

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